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Frequently asked questions

See below for some of the frequently asked questions by solicitors, foreign lawyers and members of the public.

FAQs for solicitors

How do I join the International Division?

The International Division is a service provided by the Law Society to help its members develop their international business and build global relationships and profile.
Read about our membership options

Where can solicitors qualified in England and Wales work around the world?

Our website has practice guides for the most popular jurisdictions solicitors want to work in. See our regional pages for more information, just select the country and choose ‘how to practise' from the left-hand menu:


How do I get a Certificate of Good Standing?

The Solicitors Regulation Authority can issue solicitors with a Certificate of Good Standing.

The certificate confirms your admission date, your address, that you have not been struck off or suspended from practice, that there are no disciplinary proceedings pending against you, and that there is nothing on our records to your discredit. Certificates are valid for a 3 month period.

Find out more at :
Telephone: 0870 606 2555

How do I make a complaint against a lawyer in another country?

Contact the regulatory body for the legal profession in that country, this could be a bar association or government agency. For assistance identifying the correct body contact us on

If the complaint is against an English solicitor working abroad, refer to the Legal Complaints Service.

FAQs for foreign lawyers

Can foreign lawyers join the International Division?

Foreign lawyers and law firms can join the International Division as individuals or affiliate corporate members.

How can I find out about legal jobs in England and Wales ?

The Law Society's Gazette has a jobs section for lawyers, whether in private practice, in house, legal HR, legal IT, legal secretaries and many more.

We also post jobs and internships on the International Division opportunities page.

My firm/bar association would like to arrange a visit/meeting in London; can I work with the Law Society's International Division?

Contact us on with more information on your visit.

Our London and Brussels offices both have venue hire facilities for meetings, lunches, and teleconference. The Brussels Office also has hot-desk facilities.

FAQs for members of the public

Can you help me with my legal problem?

The Law Society of England and Wales cannot offer legal advice or recommend an individual solicitor or firm. Our Find a solicitor service will help you find legal help in England and Wales.

If you need to find legal help for a problem that has arisen outside England and Wales, or that has a foreign dimension, there are a variety of sources available.

Who can help me with a visa application?

Visa applications and renewals are managed by the UK Home Office.

For information about the types of visa available, eligibility criteria and application details visit the UK Border Agency website.

The Law Society cannot provide individual advice about visas or immigration issues. If you have a visa issue which requires legal assistance, you should speak directly with a solicitor. Use our Find a solicitor search tool to locate a firm. Select 'Immigration and nationality' from the drop-down list showing areas of law.