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Argentina is a federal country with a constitution loosely similar to that of the US. Its legal system is based on a civil law system which is a mixture of US and Western European systems. Argentina is home to 130,000 lawyers and a sophisticated legal services market centred around Buenos Aires.


Legal life in…. Argentina

pabloPablo Ferraro-Mila is a partner at Argentine firm Gonzalez and Ferraro-Mila. He will be in the UK in July as part of a Law Society organised programme for Latin American lawyers to develop links with UK firms. In a new feature for International Update we asked him about legal life in Argentina.

Society of British and Argentine Lawyers launches new website

The Society of British and Argentine Lawyers (SOBAL) has launched a new website to provide an online forum for the legal professions in each country.

Amendments to Argentine Consumer Protection Law

Amendments to the Argentine Consumer Protection Law came into affect on April 15th to improve consumer rights for both individuals and companies acquiring products and services in Argentina.