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Legal life in... Chile

moralesybesaClaire Rason from Morales & Besa in Santiago tells us about legal life in Chile and opportunities for UK firms in the market. Claire is a speaker at the Law Society's International Marketplace conference on 9 July in London.

Chile signs up as first OECD member in South America

Chile has become the OECD’s 31st member and its first in South America under an accession agreement signed on 11 January at La Moneda in Santiago by OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría and Chilean Finance Minister Andrés Velasco in the presence of President Michelle Bachelet. Chile will formally become a Member of the OECD once its parliament has approved the accession agreement to the OECD Convention and the necessary formalities have been completed.

Chile accedes to World Intellectual Property Organization's Patent Cooperation Treaty

Chile became the 140th contracting state of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) at the World Intellectual Property Organization on March 2, 2009. The Treaty will enter into force for Chile on June 2, 2009.

New bilateral trade deal for Chile and Peru

A new bilateral trade agreement between Chile and Peru came into force on March 1st to strengthen commercial ties between the two neighbours.