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The Law Society's International Lawyers' Training Programme will be taking place at the DIFC Centre of Excellence, Dubai, on 4 and 5 December 2013. 

Courses are CPD accredited with the Solicitors Regulatory Authority and open to lawyers qualified in any jurisdiction.

Advanced Contract and Commercial Law, 4 December

English law is relied on heavily for mergers & acquisitions and deals involving international financial markets. Practitioners need to be fully aware of the latest developments stemming from court decisions and their impact on practice.

Using a specifically designed case study, the course will consider contract formation & terms, principles of interpretation, and common terms and key clauses used in international agreements. With this knowledge and armed with drafting techniques, private practice lawyers and in-house counsel will be able to produce clear, effective and enforceable contract provisions.

Learning objectives

To provide legal practitioners with a theoretical and practical understanding of:

  • Contract planning and drafting techniques, including “outcome” and “process” draftings.
  • Key principles of contract law in the light of recent developments
  • The significance of recent case law on contract formation, intention, drafting, and remedies for breach
  • The categorisation, nature and effect of contract terms and their importance
  • Common provisions found in international agreement
  • Principles being uses by the courts to interpret and construe contracts.
  • Key differences and similarities between English law and UAE law

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Drafting Masterclass, 5 December

This full day training program is aimed at private practice lawyers and corporate counsel committed to drafting top quality legal contracts which would operate effectively on a global level.

The highly competitive international business environment demands the best contracts for smooth and profitable operation. Be it Employment Contracts, Shareholder’s Agreement, Share Purchase Agreement, Asset Purchase Agreement or Memorandum of Understanding, it is essential to protect your clients’ interests by ensuring a well-drafted and negotiated contract.

English contract law is widely used in international transactions across a variety of jurisdictions, particularly where the deal involves parties based in the UAE, India, the Middle East, Singapore Hong Kong, China or Russia. It is flexible, adaptable and practical when dealing with rapidly evolving technology, markets and financial structures, yet its principles are clear and well-established. English contract law allows parties to set out obligations and allocate risk in a way that will be consistently interpreted and enforced by courts and arbitral tribunals. This course will examine in detail, the practical drafting techniques, legal principles, language, and negotiating points to keep in mind while drafting a contract.

Using practical case studies based on recent transactions, it will guide you through the whole process from Heads of Terms to completion, performance and enforcement of the contract.

Learning objectives

To provide delegates with an understanding of:

  • The essential questions to ask in order to ensure that a contract is enforceable.
  • How contract provisions are likely to be interpreted following judgments of the appellate courts
  • How commonly litigated words and phrases are likely to be interpreted and how to introduce greater certainty.
  • How the rules and principles of contract interpretation can be used to assist in clear drafting
  • The consequences of recent decisions on key terms in international commercial agreements

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International Lawyers' Training Programme (ILTP)

The Law Society of England and Wales' International Lawyers' Training Programme (ILTP) provides quality CPD accredited courses delivered by leading international trainers to qualified lawyers from all jurisdictions.

In these interactive sessions you will explore theory and international best practice through practical exercises, case studies and discussion. Courses include corporate, commercial and financial law as experienced in international practice and a range of professional skills vital to the demands of a successful progressive lawyer.

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